Watch the Magic Happen

Here’s an amazing marketing opportunity for advertisers and marketers. As I’m sure you’re aware, smartphone ownership is reaching saturation levels among people in their 20s. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 86% of people aged 18 to 29 have a smart phone. Smartphone ownership is not just higher among younger Americans it is also strong with high-income earners and those with higher education levels. In fact, 68% of all adults in the United States have a smartphone. How is this a marketing opportunity for print users? Well, quite simply, it’s because smartphones are ubiquitous. They’re always with us. We take them everywhere. And now, those mobile devices can create “magic.”

Are you looking to create a customer experience that will “wow” your current and potential customers? Would you like them to actually participate with your advertisements and marketing materials? What if they could purchase your product or service using your printed materials? If so, then you need to enhanced your marketing materials with Augmented Reality (AR). Creating an experience with AR can really extend the value of your printed page.

How Augmented Reality Works

Combining print with an AR scene is accomplished by using a marker. In the video above, and the images below, the marker is the ad in the magazine. The truth is, the marker can be a logo, a package, a sign, a page in a book, a t-shirt or even a three-dimensional object. The marker is the “trigger” that is placed in front of a camera on a mobile device where an Augmented Reality app is installed. This is where the “magic” happens. It is this marker that retrieves the data via an app or Internet connection and becomes the reference point for the AR scene that is displayed on the smartphone. When AR is integrated with print, it can link the consumer to a video, a 3-D interactive image, your website, or other relevant content and important offers.

This was taken just before the Augmented Reality app started to work.

Now the Augmented Reality app has worked and the 3-D interactive image can be seen.

The Augmented Reality experience must be easy to use. Not just from an interactive standpoint, but also from a technology standpoint. AR requires the use of an app. The experience also has to be stimulating. This is the “wow” factor associated with AR. Both visually and physically, Augmented Reality is an opportunity to connect deeply with the emotions of the consumer. It’s this connection that helps sell your products or services.

Augmented Reality is also a great way to get more information on the page. Your current and potential clients can actually see, in 3-D, how your product works. They can “move it around.” They can change the color. They can “see” how your product looks in their home or office. You can also talk to them through a video and offer them a coupon for their next purchase. The opportunities are endless.

How We Can Help

At Signs of the Times Consulting, we’re so excited to offer our clients this new service. The truth is, it’s hard to sleep at night. I have all these ideas spinning around in my head. I understand how Augmented Reality can be used with your banners, your posters, your print materials, and your indoor and outdoor signage. I can’t wait to talk with you. I can’t wait to show you how your customers can, “Watch the magic happen.”

- Bree Plude