The Birth of a Sign

Signs of the Times Consulting is currently working on some outdoor signs for a yummy start-up company! The company is La Michoacana Puro Sabor (Hand Crafted Mexican Ice Cream) in Perris, California. Their Grand Opening is sometime in August.  Our job, as sign production specialists, is to take the clients vision, execute it in the most cost effective way that will allow us to obtain city permits. 

We consider four main things when consulting with the client and fabricating the sign(s).

  1. Design of the sign
  2. Client’s budget
  3. City codes & permitting
  4. What the landlord with allow

What the Client Wants

This particular client originally wanted individual illuminated channel lettering for the company name . While this would look fantastic, it comes with a much heavier price tag then doing the alternative – a Cabinet (one box unit with the letters either digitally printed or applied on with cut adhesive vinyl). One of the challenges with a Cabinet is that many cities are discontinuing illuminated Cabinets because they don’t like the way they look; they don’t look as contemporary as individual lettering.

The second challenge is when a client has a limited budget, rightfully so with a startup company, most sign companies would resort to a Cabinet with florescent lighting inside. Florescent lighting is cheaper, but to accommodate the florescent lighting the cabinet would have to be at least 8” deep, so the lights do not overheat. This just feeds into why cities are slowly banning these Cabinets – they look big, boxy and boring. The other downside to florescent lighting is that they use more electrical power to run.

Our Solution

So our Sign Consultant, Jane Plude, along with our sign fabricator came up with a great solution! We can do a ‘Pan Channel Cabinet’ – see photo above. The cabinet is 2’h x 12’w, all in one piece, with scalloped edges outlining the letters. They also decided to give the client LED lights at the lesser cost of the florescent lights, so the client would now get a more attractive sign at the cheaper rate.  By switching to LED lights the main benefit is that we can now make the Cabinet only 3”deep, giving a more contemporary, sleek look! And LED lights pull less power and can last longer.

Lastly, we kept the tagline “Hand Crafted Ice Cream” as a separate unit, called a Capsule, under 10’ wide to avoid special welding which also drives the cost up. By keeping it under 10 ft it can be put on any bender machine.

Check Back to See the Final Results

Please check back with us, when we are finished with the install to see how we did! And if you live in the Perris, CA area – support this new local business by visiting them in August at 2131 N. Perris Blvd., Unit #2, Perris, CA 92571.